Up, Up and Away! The Jorgensons Take To The Air Using A Flyboard–Flyboarding; The Coolest New Water Sport.

There is no doubt it’s something right out of a James Bond film.  There, suspended above the water’s surface on what appear to be small jet packs for your feet, people are propelled skyward underneath a steady and very strong stream of water.  Like porpoises, people fly in and shoot out of the water, attracting and astounding onlookers.  If you’ve never heard of it, you had better get familiar with it because odds are it is already being done at a lake or ocean near you!

It’s called “flyboarding” and if this looks addicting, looks are not deceiving you one bit…it’s a whole lot of fun.

The Jorgenson siblings all took a shot at this new sport on the Jordanelle Reservoir the other day, with some spectacular results.  Dustin, Kyle, Lance and some of their spouses took time out from running all the divisions of Jorgenson Industrial Companies to let off some steam and have some good old fashioned family fun.

“It was something I’ve never done before and it looked like something anyone would want to do,” said Dustin Jorgenson.  “It took some time to get used to how to ‘steer’ the flyboard but once you were up, it was a lot of fun.”


Yep. We are pretty sure this is the real Kyle Jorgenson doing his thing…he was only “sandbagging” it in the video. 🙂

Flyboarding is the ultimate thrill of a lifetime that was only imaginable several years ago until some fiend, somewhere attached some tubes to their watercraft and this sport was suddenly born.  The Flyboard is a new, revolutionary and very fun watersports apparatus which allows propulsion into the air, and yes, even underwater as long as you can hold your breath.  Imagine it being like a powered wakeboard that doesn’t need to follow a boat!

Once people get on the Flyboard, it is all about balance and how to use some of those lesser known muscles in your feet. The nozzles under your feet put out 90 percent of the propulsion and thrust and this allows movement by tilting your feet and tilting the Flyboard in the direction you wish to go. The nozzles on the hands put out 10 percent of the propulsion and are used to help stabilization much the same way as ski poles.  What powers the board is the nearby personal watercraft which has an adapter and an intake to force water through the tubes and up into, and out of, the Flyboard itself.


Soon, with a little more practice, this will be Lance Jorgenson. Watch out for his dreadful wrath as he rains water down up on all of you! 🙂

As stated by the Developer, Franky Zapata: “The Flyboard encompasses all my passions: the jetski, ski, snowboard and acrobatic dives.”

“It certainly was an interesting feeling,” said Dustin.  “You had to really control your flight with your toes and heels and even the slightest overcorrection could send you headfirst into a steep dive, or flatten you out on your back.”

It does take some time to learn how to Flyboard, but the intuitive nature of this cool sport makes it easy for anyone to take up and begin—all you have to do is find someone with the set up, which are popping up more and more across the country at reservoirs, lakes and oceans.

“Flyboarding was definitely cool,” adds Dustin.  “I am looking forward to having another family getaway and watching all of us attempt it again!”