Jorgenson Industrial Companies Proves Trying to sneak a pitch past Hank Aaron is like trying to sneak the sunrise past a rooster.”

Jorgenson Industrial Companies Softball League

If you’re into softball or baseball and have a free Wednesday night, we invite you out to the ballgame. (Peanuts and Cracker Jack are entirely optional however.)

“This is something we did a few years back through 2008 and it was a fun experience and has been something that I wanted to get started again, and this will become a tradition we will likely fall into,” said Jorgenson Industrial Company Owner and General Manager Dustin Jorgenson. “I grew up playing on a baseball team as a kid in Little League and made some great friends.”

The Jorgenson Industrial Companies Softball Slow Pitch Team will play in a Salt Lake County Recreational League on Wednesday nights at Harmony Park in Salt lake City, Utah. Harmony Park is located at 3700 South, in between Main Street and West Temple. (Parking is found along the northeast side of the park.) Regular league play ends on July 17, 2013, and that is when the playoffs will begin to determine league champion.

Players admitted that they could actually use some fans to “cheer us on and we provide drinks and snacks for anyone who comes out to supports us.” So if you have an evening free, you are invited to come watch the game. The Jorgenson Industrial Companies Team had earned two wins, and one loss as of Monday, May 6, 2013.


“We played hard, but in the end it just wasn’t going to happen,” said Jorgenson. “However we will get them in the playoffs!”

The playoffs are a double elimination format and will last approximately three weeks. This recreational league also consists of teams from Allstate Insurance, University Credit Union, and iPipeline. Teams play a standard 55 minutes which usually encompasses four or five innings, where normal United States Specialty Sports Association (USSSA) rules and regulations are enforced by umpires and referees. It is interesting to note that the USSSA has changed rules, so any bats without the express USSSA symbol upon them is considered “illegal” and cannot be used in league play. This has caused many leagues and teams to replace all their bats this season.

“I’ve always enjoyed sports and that it was a great place when getting to know people,” Said Jorgenson. “The friendships and bonds that are formed through competition last a really long time.”

The Salt Lake County Sports Adult Softball Program is intended to provide participants with an opportunity to play softball in an organized, competitive environment. Salt Lake County strives to promote the ideals of sportsmanship and physical fitness to all participants, regardless of sex, race, creed or color.

“It is an opportunity for our employees to spend some time out of the office, without any distractions, and get to know each other,” said Jorgenson. “And we can all use a little more time to get to know those who we work alongside us and spend eight hours a day with.”


UPDATE:  Here is the schedule for the remaining season:

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