Stealing Radioactive Stuff Before It Arrives At The Material Handling Site – Not So Smart

Okay, so by now everyone has heard about the truck loaded with highly radioactive material that was stolen earlier this week in Mexico.    If you are new to this story, here are the basics; a missing shipment of radioactive Cobalt-60 was found Wednesday near where the stolen truck transporting the material was abandoned in central Mexico.


Yep.  While the truck was sitting at a gas station, someone jacked it and then went to a secluded place where they opened up the back and found that the contents were just a bunch of pellets…

Um right.  Those “useless pellets” just so happened to be Cobalt-60, and very dangerous and highly radioactive substance which was heading for a nuclear waste facility.  Scientists agree that the culprit of this crime has only a few days to live if he doesn’t get to a hospital quickly.

You can CLICK HERE for the story.

So what does this have to do with our industry of lockers, shelving and material handling?

It has plenty to do with it.  Remember that when hauling ANY load, to keep your vehicle secure and never leave it unchecked or unguarded.  Now you may not be hauling or having to store such scary stuff at Cobalt-60, but any load you haul should be secure–both in the truck as it is in transit, and upon its finally destination when it is secured on shelving in your warehouse.

This should be a warning for people who drive and are required to haul any and all loads.  Now we’re not saying that it is anyone else’s fault that the thieves unwittingly placed themselves in serious physical danger, but we are saying that all truck drivers should be vigilant and on guard in places that have an increased security risk.

We also hope the thieves get the message that their lives are in danger, and they get the medical help before it’s too late.