Scranton Products’ Duralife Lockers Selected As 2013 Money-Saving Product By BUILDINGS Magazine

If you’re worried about corrosion, and you operate in a pool-side environment, or even if your school is looking for the best in rust resistant lockers, look no further. According to a recent press release found on The Wall Street Journal, Duralife lockers were selected as BUILDINGS Magazine’s money-saving product for 2013.

BUILDINGS Magazine cover
Citing such factors as utility bill savings, employee productivity, time, maintenance needs and overall lifecycle; Scranton Products, who makes the Duralife line of HDPE lockers, was able to demonstrate that these plastic lockers returns that total cost investment in just “two years” based upon savings. That means if you are an organization seeking solid, plastic lockers for use in high moisture and corrosive environments or exposure to harsh chemicals, and you want them not to rust or corrode, then you may want to check Duralife’s line out if you plan on being around for a while.

Why? How about savings over the long term? In the BUILDINGS Magazine study, this is a substantial ROI compared to the normal 20-year period when compared to the normal metal line of lockers and their lifetime—and for those companies looking at the long term investment, this would appear to be a very viable candidate to consider. Because if your organization is located in a region like tropical climates, or if the lockers are to be installed in/near spas and swimming pool locker rooms, natatoriums and so forth where there is an abundance of water and moisture, then it would make sense to consider HDPE lockers. Again, the long-term feasibility is what BUILDINGS Magazine looked at when awarding Duralife this award. couldn’t be happier.

Duralife lockers

Offering 15 vivid colors, Duralife lockers stand out in the crowd.

Duralife’s line is fully fire-rated, and have the proven durability, rust resistant capabilities and strength for a plastic locker to withstand any and all punishment any army of kids can throw at them. But perhaps the best feature, especially if you are a teacher, is that the locker doors feature a quieter close, reducing noise levels by three times of that of metal locker doors slamming shut.

…upon learning this wonderful fact, teachers and administrators across America are falling to their knees with gratitude!

BUILDINGS Magazine also mentions that the Duralife line is available in several design options with 15 colors to choose from. Scranton has developed a “color-throughout” formula which resists scratching—take that you skilled taggers and budding graffiti artists! is proud to be a selected, primary vendor of Scranton Products whose lines include well-known brands, including Hiny Hiders®, Resistall™, Duralife ® and Tufftec®

If you are interested in knowing more about this impressive line of Duralife lockers, you can call us, or check out the press release at The Wall Street Journal by clicking HERE, or go to the BUILDINGS website, HERE.