Nukon Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Sold By Jorgenson Machine Tools / JMT USA

On August 23, 2013, Utah-based and family owned/operated JMT USA unveiled a new machine to its long line of machine tooling products. A new fiber laser cutting machine manufactured in Turkey is being introduced to the Americas, and this is a machine that could potentially change the landscape of the current metal laser cutting scene, saving companies literally tens of thousands of dollars because of the time and labor it can save them in production.

JMT has teamed up with Nukon, a thirteen year old company from Turkey, to bring a fiber laser technology that is not only affordable, but has greater energy efficiencies than traditional CO2 lasers currently being used in the marketplace.

By simply utilizing a solid-state design to create the laser beam, and then transporting the beam through a fiber optic cable to the cutting head, machine owners can expect to see up to 70 percent energy efficiencies over traditional CO2 machines.

Nukon Post 2

Nukon crews work with JMT USA General Manager Nick Moutsos in setting up this impressive machine.

Pretty much it’s cutting metal with light.  Yep.  How cool is that–?  And it does it QUICK.  How quick you ask?  WICKED QUICK!

Here is what the JMT USA / Nukon Fiber Laser machines do:  WATCH NOW

The introduction of these machines to the American marketplace is very exciting news for metal fabrication companies looking to be competitive and efficient. JMT is committed to providing it’s customers with tools that allow them to create and fulfill their dreams. By offering the new line of Nukon fiber lasers that this company makes, that will in turn help American companies become more competitive with other off-shore tool manufacturing companies, simply because of the time and labor costs these new tools will save.

“We are excited to bring this laser to the United States,” said JMT USA President Kyle Jorgenson.  “We want to see our customers succeed and make their dreams come true by providing tools that make the job easier.”

Nukon post 1

JMT USA President Kyle Jorgenson is interviewed about the new fiber laser line.

With unprecedented service and sales, JMT, a $16 million dollar company, brings 40+ years of experience to the table and is always seeking better ways to help their clients in saving money and finding the most cutting edge technologies out there which will put Americans back to work.

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