Be Mine – Happy Valentine’s Day Ideas From Jorgenson Industrial Companies

From 1 to 10 affectionately, and from here to eternity without in betweens…

It’s Valentine’s  Day on Friday.  So if you’ve run out of ideas, some of our staff at the, and Jorgenson Industrial Companies Division 10 reps have decided to share what was perhaps their best Valentine they ever received, as well as the best one they ever gave.


Here are some of their romantic and fun ideas…

Chance, who does our content, remembers when he was in 5th Grade and his school crush Evelyn Goebelsmann (aka; the quiet blonde haired girl) came up to him on the playground and gave him a heart-shaped paper board cut out with ‘be mine’ on it.  She also handed him a small quartz crystal which was about the size of a marble.  Nothing too fancy, and certainly not expensive.  He kept and treasured this small crystal throughout the next few decades until sadly enough he lost it during his many moves in college.

…that was his best gift when it came to Valentine’s Day ideas, because it came from the heart and was so very simple.  An uneven poster board cut-out of a heart and an average quartz crystal that could be found just about anywhere.

vday crystal

Our Sales Rep Lino recommends and has proven luck with his wife by using the venerable flowers and dinner reservations at his wife’s absolutely favorite dining establishment–one which he still won’t share with his co-workers!  (Throw us a lifeline here, Lino)

But he goes one step further with Valentine’s Day ideas in the declaration of his undying love by having her come home to a spotless house, and that takes so much stress and worry off his wife’s mind and makes it the perfect Valentine’s Day present.

vday dinner

John, who is our Internet Sales Rep at Jorgenson Material Handling recalls that he married his ex-wife on Valentine’s Day and had a wonderful wedding and memorable day despite the outcome.  He also pointed out that getting married on that day also made it a tad bit easier for him to remember their anniversary as well!

Dustin Jorgenson recalls the most memorable Valentine gift that his wife did “The 14 Days of Valentines” for him.  During those 14 days, she decorated his office with balloons and what Dustin recalls as “a bazillion” hand cut hearts, each displaying a different message.

Dustin Jorgenson office V-day

She also brought Dustin Jorgenson some chocolate dipped strawberries and those cute little cheesecakes!  (We loved the way the fish on the wall didn’t manage escape Cupid’s deeds!)

I guess Valentine’s Day ideas are also good days for traditions–Ursula who is a sales rep at shared that the man she was dating at the time proposed to her at an upscale restaurant–getting down on one knee to which the entire place erupted in applause.  Fondly remembering it as a “silly-happy-teary-eyed and beautiful moment”, she admits that it was without a doubt the best gift she had ever received–and still does as they are still blissfully married and sharing yet another Valentine’s Day together.

vday proposal

Bekka our graphic designer knows her husband is way into online gaming and so she decided to find him a new avatar and in order to do so, the gamer needed to go out and buy one of these avatar cards.  Unfortunately these cards are sold in two places in Utah and they were always sold out–so beginning weeks beforehand and after failing to find one available online, she went in on a regular basis until she found the one he wanted. The reason?  She got it for him because she knew he wouldn’t have the time to do it himself.

Her true gift?  Sacrifice of her valuable time for her Valentine.

vday rose

Now as promised; here are a few Valentine’s Day ideas if you are still thinking:

– Find and arrange an activity that you can both do and enjoy.  This is perhaps the BEST Valentine’s Day ideas ever!  This gives you the time to talk and simply enjoy each other’s company, so remember to get a babysitter to fully enjoy the moment. So whether it’s going to a museum, or painting a bowl at Color Me Mine or whatever other activity you conjure up, odds are it will be memorable and perfect!

– Take her/him on a stroll in and around some of the places where you two have made the best memories.  A certain park, picnic table or viewpoint can mean a lot to your flame and perhaps even jog a few memories of why they are still with you today!

vday hug

– Try this for one of your Valentine’s Day ideas; taking the day off and cleaning the entire house and doing all the mundane chores she/he hates or doesn’t do.  Nothing impresses your loved one like a little TLC to your home.

– Men, listen closely;  MOST WOMEN LOVE THE SPA.  Yes, either taking them there and enjoying it with them, or setting them loose in their with your credit card can be a gift that pays dividends in the days to follow.

– One guy here who doesn’t want to be named has taught himself to bead and make jewelry and so each Valentine’s Day he creates something that has charms reminding her of the things they’ve done and the places they’ve visited together.  He assures us it is easy to learn and could even be that one thing you do together before or after dinner.

Jo necklace

– Carriage ride through the city’s evening lights.  This one is always something fun, unique and definitely gives you both the time to snuggle and enjoy each other’s company without too much distraction.  Plus when you bring a camera, it makes for a cool photo on the mantle!


…but if you do, don’t forget the salsa either.  lol

In all seriousness, no matter what you decide upon, the general consensus from all of us here at Jorgenson Industrial Companies is that if it comes from the heart–whatever it is–it will be something your Valentine will adore, appreciate and remember for years to come.

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!

vday greeting