Lockers In The Garden

“It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn…”     –B. C. Forbes (Founder of Forbes magazine)

Garden Locker

Forbes was a very intelligent man and when it comes to spring (and your DIY activities) he is quite correct–springtime is high time to begin using an old, used locker in your next DIY garden project!

As you well know, one of our divisions sells used lockers–these lockers have pretty much been removed from old schools, businesses, gyms and other places and once we get our hands on them, we do a thorough inspection process where we fix any hinges, hooks, door latches as well as repairing the minor dents and checking for large amounts of rust.

Once the lockers roll off the inspection line, they are either dissembled for parts OR they are rolled out to the ‘for sale’ section of our 100,000 square foot warehouse where they are photographed and put up for sale…

We have wondered what some of our clients use these used lockers for–?

Now we know that most of our clients are looking to save some money by buying these locker units for their small businesses, charter schools and break rooms.  We can usually tell because they order anywhere from 10 to 100–depending on how many of that style, color and design we have.  But then we get these orders for just one, or two–perhaps maybe three…

THOSE are the ones we know where the buyer is purchasing for some DIY project like a mud room, accent pieces to a kid’s room, a loft or a place to store tools, a vintage porch centerpiece or something that looks like one of these photos:

Garden Locker 3

Garden Locker 2

The point is this; we see more and more people taking these old lockers and buying them for their DIY projects–which kind of look pretty cool!  We’ve noticed an uptick in this since about five years ago when we were receiving more and more single locker orders, which got us all to thinking.  It wasn’t long until we began asking (and exploring Pinterest) that we noticed what was going on.  🙂

Anyhow, as spring continues to bloom, don’t forget Mr. Forbes’ words of wisdom!  Also don’t forget to add a vintage used locker to your next DIY project and be sure to go to Pinterest and do a search for the many and varied things your crafty little mind can conjure up when it comes to using lockers in your garden.