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When we decided to explore a new venue in the vintage market, we couldn’t help naming the shop after the company’s owner Dustin, who often goes by the nickname of “Dusty”. After all, he is one of the few people who knows that a locker’s worth doesn’t always mean fresh paint and a shiny new handle. The growing vintage industry and demand for repurposed specialty items allows us to showcase some of our most charming refurbished lockers for sale on the Etsy.com marketplace. Our creative customers love using these lockers for DIY projects, various storage use or for decorative display in their homes. We decided to open this specialty shop on a whim in July 2014, but this fun project has surprised us with its instant success, allowing us to gravitate towards a promising new pursuit. Dusty’s Rusty Lockers maintains a five-star reputation with personalized service that is the next best thing to buying local, in just under a year we have become one of the most prominent industrial shops on Etsy.

Customer relations are the heartstrings of our shop but aside from superior service, we also guarantee our products whether being used or not—we take pride in delivering quality lockers, which is what we do best. We hand-select our most unique lockers that have been removed from schools, businesses and various facilities across the country and breathe new life into them through our meticulous refurbishing process. These lockers undergo a full repair service that includes necessary part replacement, touch-up painting and dent removal which is all part of a three-point inspection to make sure they are up to flawlessly, rugged vintage standards. We also provide customized options upon request with special services such as door removal or adding extra shelves for customers who envision a specific look. Dusty’s Rusty Lockers extends the life of these lockers that would normally end up as junk metal and helps them to make a comeback as a restored locker. If you are looking for stylishly revamped lockers with lots of character to spare, Dusty’s Rusty Lockers will literally open up its doors for you, just as long as you don’t mind a little rust!

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