buyusedlockers-logo is our division of previously used or damaged lockers that have acquired minor flaws during shipping. We believe lockers should last for years, which is why we put our time into the refurbishing of neglected lockers that just need a little extra attention. We use a three-point checking system to assess each item for full functionality, our meticulous technicians will then make the necessary repairs right on site. Some of our lockers might have minimal rust, cosmetic wear or small dents—but they still maintain the same high standard of quality and efficiency that our customers expect. We repair most dents, scratches and broken hardware and transform old lockers into perfectly useable ones that will last for years.

Many of these lockers have only been lightly used and some are in practically new condition; the advantage of buying used is you get them for a fraction of the price with the same durability intact. provides many of the same offerings as with options for schools, homes and businesses. Some of our lockers have been removed from facilities to make way for new ones, so we have large groups of them ready for purchase.

Our mass inventory allows buyers to access endless styles, colors, brands and materials to find the perfect lockers at just the right price. Come see why our used lockers are the best for your budget on!