How Lockers Can Change A Life

As many of you know, one of our divisions ( sells lockers.  If you’ve ever been there, we have a locker for each and every use possible–for gyms, rec centers, schools (of course) and even karate or dance studios.  It  may surprise some that our locker inventory even spans to having the largest supply and inventory of kids lockers here in the United States…

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But the lockers we are going to talk about today  is not just any type of locker, it is a very special one that can literally change the life of someone who is in desperate circumstances…

Have you ever thought about the many difficult issues facing the homeless population?  Odds are you’ve seen them in your city, huddled in the park or pan handling around your local shopping center.  Of course like anything else in life, there are those who use this as a ruse.  But we’re not going to spend time talking about those charlatans who ruin true giving opportunities to help those who are in fact homeless.

Courtesy KSL Television - Locker homeless post

Now ask yourself how you can help those who are truly homeless.  Well, if you are seeking a good humanitarian project or perhaps an Eagle Scout project, then take a close look at what recently happened in Madison, Wisconsin.  CLICK HERE FOR ARTICLE

Obviously this lady took a deeper look into the homeless situation and realized that they needed a place to lock up their valuables when they looked for a job.  (Yes, we are sure she also knew full well there were those who wouldn’t look for jobs, just as there are those panhandlers who aren’t truly homeless) but using her empathy and really putting herself in their shoes, she decided that some lockers could help.

However as you read, the neighbors and the city zoning ordinances didn’t like her brilliant idea–and idea however that had great worth and showed ingenuity and compassion.  She has proven that lockers can really, honestly help someone in a way that most people fail to even see as an issue.

So, perhaps if you are looking to truly ‘make a difference’ in your community this holiday season–or ANY OTHER time of season since homelessness doesn’t have a season–we would invite you to learn from this tale and perhaps think of a way that lockers (new or used lockers) can help the homeless issue in your community.  🙂

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