In The Locker Room – Jorgenson Industrial Companies Congratulates Utah Tight Endz

Jorgenson Industrial Companies is proud to announce that the women’s flag football team we sponsor took second place in the last summer tournament!  This win allows the Utah Tight Endz  a top finish in the Utah Tournament, and they are headed to the Western Regionals/Nationals in February!

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Head Coach Dustin Jorgenson couldn’t be more proud of his team and looks forward to the upcoming championships in February 2015 in Las Vegas, NV.

“The tournament to see who goes to the championship which will be the two top teams from CA, AZ, UT, NV and I’ve heard that even GA will send teams, so it will be quite a large tournament and it will take place in February in Las Vegas, Nevada,” said Utah Tight Endz Assistant Coach Mike Dark.

“We were proud of the ladies and the fact they executed the plays when they needed to,” said Head Coach Dustin Jorgenson.  “They also really amplified their defensive capabilities during the past few months which is pretty impressive since they were known for an awesome defense since they began.” photo 7

The Utah Tight Endz is known for playing like a solid team, with defense one of its many strengths.

“They played really good.  Defense was awesome,” said Dark.  “They are a very cohesive team.  It’s not like they are individuals—they play as a group and talk to each other like a family.”

“I am very proud of these ladies,” said Dustin Jorgenson.  “Together they really were tough and played very well not just this past weekend, but every day of the season.”

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The assistant coaches Mike Dark and Armando Castro agreed with Dustin Jorgenson.  Now the Utah Tight Endz will focus on practicing for the big game in Las Vegas in February and the biggest hurdle in preparations will be acclimating to the cold season which is just around the corner.

“Not complaining or whining that it’s cold.  Hopefully no broken fingers because we will start practicing in January in the snow.,” said Utah Tight Endz Assistant Coach Mike Dark.  “But they’re girls and they are going to Vegas so they are always excited.”

“Armando Castro was the offense coach for this tournament and spent the most time of any of us preparing the team,” said Dustin Jorgenson.  “We value his skills, commitment and abilities to help create the awesome team you see today.”

As you can tell, a picture is worth 1,000 words and these show the intensity and enthusiasm of the players and the level of play that was exhibited.  CLICK HERE FOR THEIR LATEST VIDEO RECAP

The Utah Tight Endz want everyone to understand that if they are looking to watch a great game on a perfect afternoon, they are always welcomed to come out.

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AND if there are any women out there who are reading this and think it looks like fun, and they miss having played for colleges or rec teams in the past, to go to our Facebook page and ask questions.  We love to inform people on how to get involved in playing or just helping spread the word.  🙂

“We could use the help in spreading the word,” said Dustin Jorgenson.  “We know there are many other players out there who have the skills needed to play, who want to play and will show up to practices and games and have a GREAT time playing and making new friends!”

Here is a link to the Utah Tight Endz Facebook page so you can stay up to date with all the games and other activities they do:  UTAH TIGHT ENDZ WOMENS FOOTBALL  

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