Jorgenson Industrial Companies Employees Hit The Racetrack

During this year’s Salt Lake County Corporate Games one of the most anticipated and attended events by the employees of Jorgenson Industrial Companies was without a doubt, the Go Kart competition…

Jorgenson Industrial Companies SLC Corporate Games
Yes.  This is actually a competition!  And as you can tell by Jorgenson Material Handling Project Manager Dave Arbon and Sales Rep Lino Velarde’s faces (Dave’s insulated in the necessary safety headgear) that it was going to be an exciting day on the track…

Jorgenson Industrial Companies 4
Jorgenson Industrial Companies 10
The Go Kart Competition was held at the Miller Motorsports Complex, just west of Salt Lake City, UT near Tooele.   We have to admit that seeing Lino out having fun was kind of cool since he is normally at work spending the day helping people get the best deals on GYM LOCKERS.  Here in the above photo he looks about as cool as Steve McQueen.

Glad you came out, Lino!

Jorgenson Industrial Companies Race

…and yes, recent Salt Lake County Corporate Games Billiards Gold Medalist and Jorgenson Material Handling Division 10 Specialties Mike Dark also came out on a Saturday to cheer the Go Kart Team on.

Go Kart 3

Jorgenson Material Handling Project Manager Dave did give everyone a great  piece of advice in order to post the best track time possible–and that was that no one was allowed to use their brakes!  I guess his words made an impact as seen here when Jorgenson Accounts Payable Elias Tolosa’s wife came into the pit hot, using only her foot as a brake!

Jorgenson Industrial Companies 3

Yes, we admit; our blue Jorgenson Industrial Companies Team Shirts matched with the blue fire-retardant safety gear made us all look like Smurfs, but we have fun.

Jorgenson Industrial Companies 2
This ‘Smurfy’ looking dude is Jorgenson Industrial Companies IT Manager Jason Pearce who later stated this was the one cool event he had been looking to do all week long.

Below you can see Jorgenson Material Handling’s Lance Jorgenson was kind of a bit pumped up for the race.  🙂  Lance’s wife Raquel also came to compete!

Jorgenson Industrial Companies

The weather was perfect.  Not too hot and not too cold, and unlike the recent Salt Lake County Corporate Games Volleyball Competition rain/storm delays, this event went off without a hitch.  The track was also pretty cool, featuring a whole lot of room to really open up these high performance go karts and let them run!

Jorgenson Industrial Companies 6

Oh yes, and did we mention that the gals really posted great times and got into the spirit of competition–?  Ashley Arbon (seen above) gives us the thumbs up and certainly did make some great laps around the track, and everyone at Jorgenson Industrial Companies couldn’t be prouder!  🙂

Jorgenson Industrial Companies 5
Jorgenson Industrial Companies 9

We may have not won medals, but we want to thank Dustin Jorgenson for making this memorable opportunity available for all the employees–thank you, Dustin!  🙂

Jorgenson Industrial Companies Race ALL

For more information about the Miller Motorsports Park, CLICK HERE.