Jorgenson Industrial Companies Put A Win On Their Shelves!

Someone once wisely said that; “the only thing better than winning, is being able to rise from certain defeat in order to achieve that win.”


In a game such as softball, it is all about who has the determination and grit to go the distance and not surrender—even though the chips may be down and the score seems too overwhelming to catch up, let alone rise above…


Play last night between the league’s two best teams admittedly got off slow, and as some expected the Allstate Team moved ahead—at some points in the game by six or seven points ahead of the Jorgenson Industrial Companies Team.


…by now, most everyone watching in the stands had all but put up the white flag of surrender—but no one on the Jorgenson team would.  Mike sacrificed play so that he could manage the team during this challenging game, but played one inning at third base and had a nice hit as well.


Some of the favorite parts of the game mentioned was when an errant foul ball was expertly caught by “our awesome catcher, Kinsi!”  Teammates also commented that it was “a great night” for Michelle Marshall who was on fire both in the field, as well as at the plate. 


One team member mentioned Michelle “was our lead off hitter and was getting doubles almost every time at bat to left field.  She was hitting really good.”  Tim Oliver had a nice catch in right center during the game which helped stop Allstate.


This all culminated in the last inning as though it was perfectly written for a book or a memorable silver screen moment.  In the remaining moments of the bottom of the 5th Inning that the Jorgenson Industrial Companies Team rose to the challenge and closed the distance.


Having narrowed the score to a mere two point lead for Allstate in the top of 5th Inning, Team Jorgenson was set to pounce.  Since our team had the final round at bat, several key plays allowed Dustin, Lino to score, and finally Senja, who would make the last run across home base.


Company President Dustin Jorgenson made a nice shot to “The Gap”; which is a well-placed and strategic shot in between right field and center field players.  His calculated efforts began a slew of amazing plays by everyone on the team.   Lino Velarde from the SchoolLockers Sales Division then made a great hit, landing himself on base…the fans in the bleachers suddenly began paying closer attention.


Derrick Hampson added to the runs with another well-placed hit, and Julie Velarde who had what teammates call “a great night”, impressed the fans with her perfect key hit that allowed more runners on base.


…as the tension built around this late-game surge, you could hear fans anxiously going through their Cracker Jack boxes, chomping away with nervous energy.


The 5th Inning wasn’t over however…not by the proverbial long shot.  The team was certainly on fire, and moving with purpose at this point.  Nothing short of a sudden hailstorm could stop them now.  Senja Jorgenson had an impressive line drive, and showed remarkably great base running.  Then to top it off, Allison Blakely was able to top it off with her amazing game-winning, RBI single base hit!  


That pretty much sealed Allstate’s fate, because it appeared these key plays in the 5th took the wind right out of their sails, and then the time allowed for regulation play was suddenly up.  It was over.  Done and logged into the record books. 


After their turn at bat, Allstate never got the chance to recover, or move ahead again because by that point the critical game momentum had fallen in the dugout of the Jorgenson Team, carrying them onto the field with even more determination and efforts to hold the Allstate Team at bay until the remaining strikes and outs had been recorded; Allstate 15; Jorgenson 16.


Our hats are off to the Jorgenson Industrial Companies Softball Team, who last night came from behind and handed the only undefeated team in their league their first and only defeat.


As one team member put it; “No surrender.  No retreat.”


Well done to everyone on the Jorgenson Industrial Companies Softball Team.  We know you will face Allstate again, and this time they are certain not to underestimate you and your determination to never give up, and find the remaining fuel in the tank to achieve a well-earned win.  GO TEAM JORGENSON!