Jorgenson Industrial Companies Golf-N-Talk Material Handling And Division 10 Stuff

Last week the Brigham Young University Construction Management Student Association held their first golf tournament at the East Bay Golf Course in Provo.  It should come as no surprise that we sent out our best ringers to not only play golf, but give students the opportunity to network and build relationships with those who are in various construction-related industries.  Of course with our line of material handling, pallet racking and locker divisions, we were a perfect fit!


“The student gets to play golf and get out of school,” joked Mike Dark, an estimator of Division 10 products for Jorgenson Industrial Companies.  “But we were happy to be there and support this event and we look forward to participating in the future.”

Of course as it usually goes, the format was a four-man scramble and each team was paired up with a student from the construction program.  The event also has teams from Sunroc, Patterson Homes, Wadsworth Construction, MHTN Architects and Wilkinson Electric just to name a few…

East Bay Golf Course

A mosquito-eye view of Provo’s East Bay Golf Course

The lucky student who got to play 18 with our guys was a former engineering student at BYU named Dustin who had literally just began the construction management program.  He decided he didn’t like all the calculus involved, and it was “kicking his butt.”

The turnout was reported as great and offered several trick shots which had to be performed off a 2×4, or interestingly enough, a toilet seat–often with mixed results.

Here is a video the organizers made of the event:  PLAY NOW

“We do it just to help out with the community,” said Dark.  “We talked with Dustin a lot about construction but it was hard because he has four more years of construction school before he is ready to get out into the real world.  So it is still kind of early for him to talk construction stuff because he doesn’t really know based upon his beginning school and stuff.”

There was a bit of learning going on however.  The Jorgenson Team realized they need to get out on the links more often.

“We need to get out and golf more because we stink,” laughed Dark.  “And the mosquitos!  There was a trillion of them.  They were everywhere.  I think I got 45 mosquito bites and I used  ‘Off’—that’s the scary thing!”

Dustin soaked up all the real world knowledge he could from our representatives.

“He was an interesting guy,” said Dark.  “It was just hard because he literally just began construction management a month ago when the semester started, so he honestly doesn’t have anything under his belt to go on though.”

Perhaps a year will better sharpen the guy’s golfing skills (and allow those bites to heal) because they do look forward to the opportunity to give advice from the real world to students, next year.

“It was their first annual event,” noted Dark.  “I thought it was a good idea, it just needed to be fine tuned a bit, but it’s the first time they’ve done it but I’m sure the next time everything will be put together much better the second time.

We look forward to returning next year and hopefully giving advice more pertinent than how to hit a golf ball off a toilet while staving off a squadron of mosquitos!

Alan and the can

Remember to flush after teeing off, Alan.