Jorgenson Industrial Companies Dustin Jorgenson, Mike Dark & Jessica Music Take Silver!

Here is another update as to the Salt Lake County Corporate Games:

Jorgenson Industrial Companies takes SECOND in the Dart Competition!

Jorgenson Industrial Companies SLC Corporate Games

Yes, it’s true.  Our team consisted of Dustin Jorgenson, Jessica Music and Mike Dark and together they have scored more medals for the corporate games–this time silver medals in the dart competition!


The competition was held in Club DJs last Thursday and Jorgenson Industrial Companies Team of Dustin Jorgenson, Mike Dark and Jessica Music placed second in their division.  As you can see by the above photo, Dustin Jorgenson was taking this competition very, very seriously.  🙂

There were five teams total that were competing in the dart competition (Jorgenson Industrial Companies, Alpha Warranty, Fat Pipe, Onyx and Alsco) and each player was the best the company had–ours included.

However sadly enough Fat Pipe forfeited by never showing up, so our team played Onyx and Alsco in a series of games.  Dustin Jorgenson was our ‘bulls eye champion”, throwing a hat trick at one point during the game while Mike and Jessica’s strategy of closing things out and getting the points whenever and at whatever opportunity they could!


So all the players had to stand at the Throw Line, which was 7 feet adn 9 1/4 inches horizontally from the face of the dart board and from there they could step in–but not across–that line in order to throw.  Each player threw three darts per turn and if a throw missed or bounced out–the ‘throw’ would count, even if no points were scored.  So Dustin Jorgenson, Jessica Music and Mike Dark made sure their darts STUCK.


Incidentally here are all of the official rules for darts: Darts Rules

All in all, everyone had a very fun time, with Mike even tried to sell some cool kids lockers to his competitors as found here;  KID LOCKERS


So we send congratulations to our skilled staff who brought Jorgenson Industrial Companies their latest medals in the Salt Lake County Corporate Games!  Well done!  🙂