Jorgenson Industrial Companies Division 10 Project Manager Mike Dark and’s David Cook TAKE GOLD!

We are proud to announce that in the Salt Lake County Corporate Games, that our very own Mike Dark (a Division 10 project manager) and David Cook ( sales rep) have just secured Jorgenson Industrial Companies first ever gold medal!

Jorenson Industrial Companies Dart 1

Truth be told…

Mike and David beat the -time defending champions in the billiards competition and we couldn’t be more proud of them both!

Jorgenson Industrial Companies SLC Corporate Games

Also our very own Charmaine Beckman and Elena Dozier put up an amazing fight as well, but the day went to Mike and David!

Jorenson Industrial Companies Dart 2

Well done gentlemen.  A heartfelt and happy congratulations for showing our competitors that everyone here at Jorgenson Industrial Companies is ready (and willing) to always give any endeavor the very  best that we have–always.

Incidentally if you are wondering what “Division 10” is, well Mike handles all our orders concerning important items that companies need in their locations, such as fire extinguishers, commercial mailboxes, chalkboards, telephone stalls, partitions of all types, lockers, benches, shelving needs, storage systems and yes, even the oft-forgotten and humble-yet-necessary toilet partitions, washroom accessories, vanity tops….and even weather vanes–uh-huh.


…think; ‘specialties’ and you’ve got it.

Yep.  Jorgenson Industrial Companies does all of that, and even more–just ask the newest Gold Medalist Mike Dark if you need any of those wares!  🙂

Here are also some more photos of their victory…as well as a very, VERY close up shot of Mike’s fierce look of determined competition!

Jorenson Industrial Companies Dart 3
Jorenson Industrial Companies Dart 5
Jorgenson Industrial Companies 8
Jorenson Industrial Companies Dart 4
Jorenson Industrial Companies Dart 6

…now THAT is intimidation!

Congratulations again, gentlemen!  🙂