Jorgenson Industrial Companies Compete In The Salt Lake County Corporate Games

It’s no secret that the employees and owners of Jorgenson Industrial Companies are a bit competitive.  After all, when it comes to our easily recognizable ‘arm logo’ and the fact we pride ourselves in being ‘strong on customer service’ we like to be competitive–competitive in price, competitive in quality and above all else, competitive when it comes to any way that ensures our valued clients feel good about their purchases.

Jorgenson Material Handling

It’s why we have achieved success with any of our divisions such as,,, Jorgenson Material Handling and either Jorgenson Machine Tools or JMT/USA–we enjoy that competition, and we’re always willing to compete for your valued business…

So when the offer for competition in this year’s Salt Lake County Corporate Games came around, we jumped on board.

The Salt Lake Corporate Games offers companies based here the opportunity to compete against one another depending on the company’s size and in just about every category or venue possible–from traditional games such as volleyball, basketball and softball to other categories such as go karts, trivia, scavenger hunts and other competitive activities not found in the Olympic Games or elsewhere.  🙂

Jorgenson Industrial Companies Corp Games 3

Of course Jorgenson Industrial Companies entered into one of the most favored events; golf.  Since we’ve got golf aficionados such as Warehouse Manager Chuy Flores, Controller Alan Smart, Lance Jorgenson and Dustin Jorgenson who are all very skilled at the game and tend to get out frequently to practice, we feel our chances are pretty darn good at placing high in the results!

Now then, for the other ‘lesser known’ events, here is what they are and who we are sending into the fray:

Go Karts – Yep.  This one was hard to keep people away from!   As you can imagine with so many guys that work here who enjoy machinery, this was a category that filled up rather quickly.  Big shock of it was that car super affectionado Dave Arbon was at the TOP of the list for this event.  He will be joined by Jason Pearce, Derrick Hampton, JMT’s Kinsi Suttner, Jorgenson Industrial Company’s accountant Elias Tolosa and sales reps, Lino Verlarde and John Davies.  We wish them well out at the Miller Sports Park this coming August 9th.

Several JIC employees are set to compete in the volleyball, coed volleyball, billards, darts, trivia and bowling categories.

Jorgenson Industrial Companies Corp Games 1

We had a HUGE response for the poker category too!  We’ll see Matt B, Juan Cerritos, Juan “Martin” Beltran, Jesus Vazquez, John Davies, Elias Tolosa and possibly Nikki Cicerone, Charmaine Beckman and even Dustin Jorgenson as well show up for the one.

Jorgenson Industrial Companies Corp Games 2

Scavenger Hunt – Our HR assistant Andrea originally thought this would be an ‘easy’ one however when the sheet of items to be found was given with things such as Heber Creeper tickets dated 1998, VHS copy of ‘Planes, Trains & Automobiles’ and a ticket to Paris, she quickly realized it was going to be a bit more difficult than thought.

…speaking of which, does anyone happen to have an antique train lantern laying around?  🙂

So if you work here in any of the Jorgenson Industrial Companies Divisions, here are some links that you should check up on:

Here is the Calendar of Events

Scores and games:

Good luck everyone!