Jorgenson Industrial Companies Annual Summer Party Update

Last weekend Jorgenson Industrial Companies held it’s annual Summer Pool Party and it was a blast!

Jorgenson Industrial Companies 6
Employees from each division;,,, Jorgenson Material Handling and JMT / JMTUSA came out to spend the hot summer day by taking a dip in the county rec center pool and having a picnic as well.

“We enjoy giving our employees the opportunity to come out and spend the day with their kids outside of the work area and just to have fun,” said Dustin Jorgenson.  “This allows us all to spend some time together and get to know each others families where that doesn’t happen in the workplace.”

Jorgenson Industrial Companies 1

This handsome dude is Jose Arizaga who has been with our company for over six years.  He began with us on January 2008 and it was fun to have him come out with his family as seen here in this photo above.  🙂 Without a doubt the big attraction was the indoor water slide. This thing is 30 feet tall!  Not bad for a local rec center…here is a view from the top:

Jorgenson Industrial Companies 5

Starting your water slide run from potential dizzying heights such as this, everyone who went down it had so much velocity, once they hit the pool at the bottom of the water slide, each Jorgenson Industrial Companies employee (or family member) was pushed under the water when they hit!  🙂  That is why you’re only seeing there wet feet sticking up above the water’s surface!  lol


Of course this makes it difficult to tell which employee it was, but we know for sure that these cute little feet belong to our new receptionist, Nikki!  (Odds are you may have spoken with her on the phone–she is always the happy voice that greets people calling our main number) Chuy Flores is our Jorgenson Industrial Companies warehouse manager and he brought his wife who is sitting next to him here and playing with our HR Director Bambi’s daughter!

Jorgenson Industrial Companies 3

Mike Dark, who handles all of our Division 10 requests, was apparently very proud of the recent dye job his goatee received…

Jorgenson Industrial Companies 7
…that he insisted on an extreme close up!
Jorgenson Industrial Companies 8

As you can tell, a fun and memorable time was had by all who attended.  We certainly would like to thank Andrea Bradford for all of her work to get things organized so that the employees or our ‘family’ could come out without a care in the world and spend the day having fun with their families.

Jorgenson Industrial Companies 9

From Dustin Jorgenson and his wife Senja;  “We want to thank the  best employees in the world for their hard work, service and making sure that the Jorgenson Industrial Companies motto is always present in anything any of our divisions does–and that is ensuring that ‘we are strong on customer service!’

Thank you to each and every one of you and we hope you enjoyed the day.” Thank you, Dustin, Lance, Kyle, Bud and Bambi!  🙂