Jorgenson Employees Have Wintery Fun at Holiday Party


We came, we ate, we partied. The Jorgenson Companies Holiday Party was definitely one for the books. 😉

Holiday PartyGettin’ our grub on!

We celebrated the holidays just a little bit late this year with a fun party at the Oakley Recreation Complex in Oakley, Utah the first weekend in February. We ate good food, won some prizes, broke a piñata, and enjoyed the great outdoors with horse-drawn wagon rides and some epic sledding!

Holiday PartyCheck out that beautiful scenery!

Holiday Party

Holiday PartyOur CEO Dustin showing us HOW IT’S DONE. 😉

Holiday PartyOur fabulous executive assistant Andrea showing off her prize from the raffle!

At Jorgenson, we work hard…and we play hard. A special thanks to all of our employees for making our company truly special, and thanks to our owners for putting together such a fun party!