Inexpensive Lockers Made A Difference During Christmas

It is certainly amazing what some lockers can do for a child.  This past Christmas, some of our employees brought some holiday cheer in the form of brand new lockers to a family whose two young sons were diagnosed with mild autism.  Here is the story:

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We won’t list names but we will share the images of what one of our employees did with three lockers purchased from our arm.  Earlier this year he found out that there was a family in a neighboring city whose mother had recently been diagnosed with cancer and was undergoing treatment.

Jorgenson Industrial Companies was petitioned by a construction company they work with who buy lots of lockers and we were asked if we’d donate one of our lockers for a fund-raising event.  During that event our employee (who wishes to remain anonymous) noticed that one of her sons who is autistic had a breakdown when he realized that the donated locker wasn’t his, but in fact someone else had won it during the raffle where all proceeds went to help cover the mounting hospital bills…

As anyone who has a relative or friend whose supervises a child with autism knows; there is very little one can do to ‘explain’ how life works at times because those who have autism don’t quite see the world the same way we do.  All the mother could do was patiently try and console her son, hug him and let the event pass.

So having witnessed this, our employee decided to purchase three kids team lockers (one for each of the three children–two of which are mildly autistic) and then on Christmas Day deliver them to the family as a surprise.

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Finding which lockers would work for these kids was pretty easy.  Since our division offers the widest selection and every color of the rainbow in every design and locker style, all he had to do was ask the father what his kid’s favorite colors were and order them.  Finding those colors was easy, since we keep the kids lockers category well-stocked with every color possible…

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Our employee chose the kids team lockers for their multi-functional nature.  These are a bit different than the normal 48″ tall kids lockers which have legs and louvers but don’t have the extra ventilation for the lockers.  The added ventilation lets the child use them to store their football, soccer, tennis, baseball uniforms where that need that extra air flow and circulation helps dry the stinky clothing out while it’s in the locker.

This style (with the same shelf and hook options as the 48″ tall kids locker) can also be used to hold what a normal locker can hold too–books, games, CDs, electronic devices, etc.

Turns out these were the perfect choice…

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The lockers were all delivered on that snowy morning with a letter from Santa himself and the kids were more than happy with their new, bright presents.  The one son whose heart was broken this past summer when the donated locker was taken away even asked his mother if he could “take his new locker to school.”  🙂

All three lockers now strand proudly in the kid’s room where they have become the center of attention.

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The point of this blog post is not that our lockers are pretty cool, or that ours are the best lockers out there, that we offer the best selection and pricing, or ours are inexpensive lockers–the point of the story is this; you can make a huge difference in someone’s life with an selfless act that is so simple.  Using just a little generosity, and having an observant eye, everyone out there can do something wonderful for someone deserving and unsuspecting.

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From all of us here at Jorgenson Industrial Companies, we hope that during the coming year each of you can make a New Year’s Resolution to do something generous, do something from the heart and charitable in nature that can make a memory that lasts forever or change someone’s life for the better.

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Thank you for reading and spending your time with us today.  🙂

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