Happy Halloween & Lurking Lockers Greetings From Jorgenson Industrial Companies

From the world of machine tools, school lockers and material handling, we give to all of our friends wishes for a Happy Halloween!

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Yes, another Halloween brought out the spooky, the fun and the superhero in all of us as several members of each of the Jorgenson Industrial Companies’ many divisions came out in full costume…
Why we had plenty of interesting costumes this year; everything from “holy crimefighting” Robin to the Queen of Day of the Dead and just about everything in between.

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There, nestled amidst the material handling shelving and our school lockers showroom we all go together for a bit of ‘trick or treat’–with the treats far outnumbering the tricks.

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Of course in what is becoming an annual tradition, there was the Jorgenson Industrial Companies World Championship Bakeoff, with SchoolLockers.com Dealer Sales Rep Charmaine Beckman taking first place.  (We will get her amazing ‘pumpkin delight’ dessert recipe and post it soon)

Coming in second with pumpkin spice swirl cheesecake was JMT’s Jessica Music, and of course an anonymous entry called ‘marshmallow ghost brownies’ took third.

If you work here and are reading this, please head up to HR and see Andrea to claim your prize!

Incidentally the guy who gets ALL of our kids lockers orders to the ‘Mommy Bloggers’ each month is seen here in his best ‘tourist guy’ costume–which Chad does wear when traveling.  ~ahem~  Just ask his wife who later told reporters; “I am really proud of Chad that he gets soooo in touch with his Halloween character with this deep method acting skill of his”  said Sara Bosen.  “Now all we need to do is find a way for GM/President Dustin Jorgenson to send us to Hawaii on vacation.”  🙂

In the costume category the best costumes voted were; Jessica Music taking FIRST PLACE for her spooky “Queen of the Day of the Dead”.  (Innocent and resting infant seen in photo not included with official Queen of Day of the Dead costume)

SchoolLockers dot com locker heroes 8

Well done, Jessica!  Incidentally she confided that the makeup alone took about 20 minutes.  🙂

Voted 2nd and 3rd were JMT’s Dustin McBride for his ‘pharoh’ costume (perhaps Lawrence of Arabia–?) and of course SchoolLockers.com Shea Drake for an impressive and very colorful Robin!  Well done everyone for taking the time to don a costume for a few hours on Halloween Day…

As a matter of fact, SchoolLockers.com IT Manager Jason Pearce brought in his refurbished popcorn machine and made popcorn for everyone as well!

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A really HUGE hand to Andrea, Bambi and Nikki who each helped pull this wonderful event off for all of the employees  of the Jorgenson Industrial Companies family.  Thank you so much!

Here are some various photos of the Halloween festivities; and if you look closely at a few you can spot some our color kids lockers there in the background–all of which are awaiting homes this holiday shopping season.  🙂

And to all of our clients, family and friends we all wish you a very safe and HAPPY HALLOWEEN!

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And for even MORE photos of the party, go to: HALLOWEEN KIDS LOCKER PHOTOS

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