When Thinking Lockers For A Truck Shop; Go Big Or Go Home…Or At Least To Us, And Big-D.

If you didn’t notice, this year we had a bit of an issue with a hill on the west end of the Salt Lake Valley.  Understandably we can also see why it was hard to miss, because on April 10, 2013, only 165 MILLION TONS of earth sloughed off the mountainside, cascading  nearly a mile down the slopes to the bottom of the pit, partially burying one of the largest open-pit copper mines here on EARTH!


First, we are happy to let you know that no one was injured–not one. That is because Kennecott was monitoring the land as it shifted and kept their people out harm’s way.  They are pretty good at that kind of safety thing, ya know–? Especially when the trucks they use just happen to drive are the size of two-story buildings. (Imagine putting a steering wheel in your upstairs bedroom and driving your house around, and you’ve kind of got the idea)


….but we digress about the magnitude of this landslide and how it perhaps can be one of the largest–um, EVER!.  ~ahem~  (That is a subtle hint to click that blue thing to the left)

Courtesy KSL

However as this landslide story broke in the local and national news, we noticed that it struck a bit closer to home than just simply the slide being across the valley.

Interestingly enough our division, SchoolLockers.com, was chosen in late 2012 by Big-D Construction to supply 333 frames of Penco personnel lockers and employee lockers, 15 locker benches, some stainless steel toilet partitions and various other toilet accessories for a certain “little” project they had been working on. And we are proud to have supplied them, and Kennecott, with the very best and what would suit their unique locker needs.

The project that Big-D Construction recently finished was pretty impressive, and dare we share that it is equal to the magnitude of what Kennecott does out there with all sorts of big equipment, at the bottom of a big pit, doing big stuff, in a very big way.  (Have we impressed upon you that everything out there is “BIG” yet?)

So SchoolLockers.com’s role was to provide those lockers to Big-D Construction in building–get this–an expansion of the largest truckhouse in the world.

Yep. World, Earth, Planet, Terra Firm, Globe, “The Big Blue Marble”; whichever you would like to use to grasp how cool and large this project was…

Big-D essentially added 16 additional bays to the Kennecott Truck Shop down there in the bottom of “The Pit.” Again, the truck shop is okay and wasn’t damaged but the real cool thing is those 16 bays mentioned above added up to be like essentially adding “two entire football fields of space” to the existing truck shop.

How is that possible? How does adding only a mere 16 truck bays account for two entire football fields?

…Um, did you see the size of that truck they use?!  Allow me some latitude here; In this photo, do you see those little, iddy-biddy specks of yellow in the lower left corner, kind of under the 165 million tons of dirt?

Kennecott slide courtesy Deseret News

Yes, those are what you think they are!  Those are the very large, two-story trucks that Kennecott uses to haul dirt out from the bottom of the mine and they are just sitting there like the little toys your son plays with in the sandbox.

Again; your basic truck–on steroids. Whoa!

Kennecott slide courtesy NBC News

…that’s a whole lotta dirt!

This project began in December of 2012 and was finished by the good folks at Big-D Construction in April of 2013. We are proud to have been chosen by Big-D Construction because any opportunity we have to partner with a construction company known for its integrity, commitment and ability to pull the big projects off, our friendly and helpful staff are ready to jump in to help with various locker needs ranging from steel lockers and other various metal lockers, to even hanging locker baskets as well as school and gym lockers.

Thank you Big-D Construction for this opportunity, and as for Kennecott we wish them the very best as they do some minor and much needed landscaping in the near future…