Ken Bartelli joins Jorgenson Machine Tool/JMT USA as the brand continues expansion.

Contact: Chance Cook
Jorgenson Industrial Companies
(801) 214-7340

Salt Lake City, UT – Jorgenson Industrial Companies is proud to announce that respected veteran of the machine tool industry, and former Executive Vice President of Amada America, Ken Bartelli has joined the family-owned Jorgenson Machine Tools/JMT USA based in Salt Lake City, Utah as a national sales manager. Bartelli brings with him a wealth of experience in this industry having been a Midwest and Northeast Division Sales Manager for one of the largest machine tool manufacturers in the world; Amada America.

Bartelli spent years managing and overseeing a 42 member sales team and then in 1993, Bartelli was promoted to National Sales Manager where he managed a team of 112. During this time Bartelli created and oversaw the Amada America Company Customer Training Schools where over 1,200 students attended each year. In 1996 Bartelli was promoted to the position of Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Amada America, and shortly after that he became Executive Vice President.

“I looked at the JMT division as a well-established company which is currently enjoying exponential growth, where my talent and my work history could be utilized and you don’t always find that with an opportunity like this,” said Jorgenson Machine Tool/JMT USA National Sales Manager Ken Bartelli. “So I think I was drawn to them because I can bring something to the table where I can make JMT better in the marketplace.”

“Having Ken here will help our customers because of his knowledge,” said Jorgenson Material Tool/JMT USA General Manager Nick Moutsos. “I think that is the greatest tool that Ken has is his knowledge not only of the equipment, but his knowledge of what it takes for a customer to be satisfied. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing in anything we do at JMT and with his knowledge and experience of doing that, it is really going to help us.”

Jorgenson Machine Tools/JMT USA has a long and recognized history of being focused upon customer service and as Moutsos stated, Bartelli now brings a significant amount of experience to the JMT Division already having helped create and run the Amada America School. Bartelli knows JMT can make a huge leap into the marketplace and is helping position the company to do so.

Bartelli admits that coming to Utah was a change but he has found why so many people enjoy visiting and doing business in this state.

“I love Utah and there are several reasons. I like the people. I like the mentality of Salt Lake City. I was cursing when I got here from California because of all the snow and then it dawned on me; well Ken, you need to be skiing on the weekends so you can take advantage of the best ski spots in the U.S.” said Bartelli.

Bartelli goes further about what was so attractive in Utah and about JMT to lure him here to this company.

“I’ve worked for some fairly large companies, not Fortune 500, but big companies where you are a small part of an organization and the nice part about JMT is they are basically a small family–you can call it a community, but I will call it a family. And the nice thing about it is if you put your mind to it, you can make a big impact in this environment. And that is the thing I love most is that I can be a part of something and I can be a big part of it.”

“We’re excited to have Ken Bartelli on our staff,” adds Moutsos. “He brings to JMT probably the most experience of anyone who has been in this industry and we are just lucky to have him here and we look forward to his leadership, his training, and his knowledge to share with us.”