Dustin Jorgenson Presented Jersey From Jorgenson Industrial Company Softball Team

“I hope he likes it, just because it shows him that people who played on the team wish to thank him for everything he did by playing well, organizing everything, buying snacks every week for everyone and their kids and all the stuff he did out of the kindness of his heart,” said Jorgenson Material Handling Estimator Mike Dark.  “He is a real generous guy and we wanted to do something nice for him that will be around longer than a just thank you card.”


Today the Jorgenson Industrial Company Softball Team awarded Dustin Jorgenson with the second place prize–but only after they made some minor improvements to it.

Coming in second in the team’s recent softball league, they took their prize; a winner’s jersey and passed it around to each and every team member who signed it, then it was framed.

Jersey Capture

“Originally Dustin wanted a trophy to put out in the lobby but all we got was a shirt for second place, so I thought since not only did he pay for the team, he paid each week for the drinks, snacks for us and our families and even the victory party afterwards, I figured it would be nice to have everyone sign the shirt and frame it for him, so he can put it in the lobby,” explained Dark.

“Hopefully everyone can look at this generous gift and know that when we are playing, or at work, we are a team and we know each others strengths and working together we can accomplish anything we set our minds out to do,” said Dustin Jorgenson.

The team really came together while playing during the league and managed to beat the number one seated team.

“My favorite memory was beating the first place team, Allstate, and being the only team to do so, said Dark.  “I think Dustin’s favorite memory was also beating Allstate—everybody was jazzed.”

“Anyone who knows me, knows I am a bit competitive,” said Jorgenson.  “Not in a bad way, but I think having the spirit of competition and good sportsmanship brings out our best selves–we like to rise above, bring our best game forward and dig deep to win, so I really did enjoy our win over the Allstate Team and look forward to having a re-match for the first place in the near future!”

Everyone who showed up at each of the games also had a tremendous time cheering for their team.


“It’s kind of cool, because everyone has kids and when they’d come, he would have snacks for them and just the fact he cared enough to pay attention to those details meant a lot,” said Dark.

The framed gift did take Dustin a bit off guard.

“He seemed a bit surprised, even though we all marched down the hallway towards his office and he saw us coming,” added Dark.  “He probably thought it was either a surprise, or we were going to mug him!”


Thus far no one is certain where this generous and memorable gift will hang, however wherever its place may be, Mike Dark knows what he wants to happen.

“Years from now when people see that framed jersey, hopefully memories will return to them and they will look back and remember the fun we had because of Dustin’s kindness and organizing the Jorgenson Industrial Companies Softball Team.”