Jorgenson Industrial Companies Cool Field Trip – Cool Idea To Feed Your Company

The other day our HR Assistant Andrea was invited to have lunch with a new company here in Salt Lake City. It truly was the ‘free meal’ you hear about, making the adage “there is no such thing as a free meal” slightly incorrect!


On the menu was pizza–but this wasn’t your average run-of-the-mill pizza; it was something a bit better…

Surefire Pizza is a mobile wood fired pizza company that comes to your event–with a wood oven–and pretty much makes a delicious pizza for your employees, family or whomever to enjoy!


So Andrea rounded up a few of the Jorgenson Machine Tool guys, our IT Guru and myself the lowly writer for Jorgenson Material Handling, and we took a lunch field trip–incidentally Boss, we knew we were off the clock and clocked out even though we were seriously doing valuable exploratory research!  ~wink~

So here is what Surefire Pizza had in store for us:


Wonderful fresh mozzarella, basil and tomato appetizers; which Andrea ate all BUT the most important part–the tomato!  (She doesn’t like tomatoes sadly enough) These admittedly were pretty tasty.

There was a full Italian soda bar; complete even with the cool paper straws that you find over in Italy–something us Americans have yet to grasp since we are still using plastic ones.


…and finally what we came for; the wood fired pizza!

These are truly done as promised.  And the Jorgenson staff found they were quite delicious.

It’s a truly cool and innovative idea: Surefire has taken a wood oven and built a sturdy trailer around it, allowing it to be towed to your wedding reception, your company party, your family get-together or WHEREVER you want it to show up at!

Then at your event, the good folks at Surefire set to making pizza after pizza after pizza,  churning them out until everyone’s stomachs are happy and full.  🙂


The pizzas they offer range from the classic Italian ‘margherita’ to several other variations of the classic pizza.  All made fresh and wood fired right there for everyone to see.



In all honesty, we put our heads together and grading upon variety, taste, fun, set up, uniqueness and value, we gave it 4 out of 5–Five being the highest rating.

Oh yes!  Did I mention dessert?


…they had that, too.  🙂  Anyhow if this struck you as something interesting, we figured we’d do them a solid and post our honest review–plus it made for a good, fun and colorful (if not delicious) blog post for this week.  🙂

We’d like to thank them for inviting members of the Jorgenson Machine Tools Division, and Jorgenson Material Handling Division.  Incidentally here is where you can find the Surefire Pizza Company if you want more information:  CLICK HERE