Buyusedlockers.com helps secure and organize firefighter’s gear for upcoming fire season.


Contact: Kira Burgess

Cedar Fort Volunteer Fire Department PIO

(801) 903-9082



Contact: Chance Cook

Jorgenson Industrial Companies

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Salt Lake City, UT; May 1, 2013 – Buyusedlockers.com, a division of Jorgenson Industrial Companies, recently donated a rugged set of red lockers to the Cedar Fort Volunteer Fire Department.  These lockers will assist the brave firefighters in keeping their equipment and gear secure, organized and ready for action during the coming fire season.

“I understand that the Cedar Fort Volunteer Fire Department operates on a minimal budget of $19,500 dollars,” said Jorgenson Industrial Companies Owner and General Manger Dustin Jorgenson. “We are proud to donate this line of fire station lockers in order for them to use their limited budget resources on other things such as fuel, equipment and repairs.”

“We at Cedar Fort Fire are so grateful for the lockers received from Buyusedlockers.com,” said Cedar Fort Volunteer Fire Department Chief Nyle Jacobsen.  “These lockers have been a great donation and having them has made it a lot easier in staging gear while on shift and to be ready to go with everything in one spot.” 

Since it began in the 1970’s, the Cedar Fort Volunteer Fire Department covers the second largest response area in Utah County, which encompasses a staggering 214 square miles.  The department has six trucks devoted to fighting wild land fires, and out of that 214 square miles, 200 miles of it is “open area” where there are no roads, difficult access and where small blazes can quickly become a serious issue.  It is also common for this department to be called in to battle other fires across Utah.

The Cedar Fort Volunteer Fire Department is responsible for such difficult areas as Five Mile pass; which is a huge area encompassing 46,000 acres of BLM land that is designated for off-road and open-use.  This area sits on the border of Utah and Tooele County, adjacent to SR 73 and is approximately 10 miles away from the staging area of the Cedar Fort Fire Department.

Five Mile Pass is an area which is not patrolled and since most of the trails there are for ATV use, it makes it a very dangerous place for people to drive.  As it so happens, this area is a very popular recreation place during both holidays and summer weekends, therefore it is not uncommon to see upwards of 10,000 people visiting the area on any one day.

Buyusedlockers.com began as the brainchild of Dustin Jorgenson, owner and general manager of Jorgenson Industrial Companies; a successful multi-divisional, family-owned and operated business that was founded in 1967 offering a wide selection of industrial products, including lockers, machine tools, material handling equipment and more.

One of the divisions just so happens to be the industry’s leading authority in the manufacturing and distribution of quality school lockers, fire department lockers, gym lockers and military lockers to the United States, Canada and beyond. Based in Salt Lake City, BuyUsedLockers.com has become by far the largest online retailers with sole focus and magnitude on used, surplus and overstock lockers in the nation.

“All of us here at Jorgenson Industrial Companies knows and understands that first responders, especially those who fight fires, need a safe and secure place to lock up their valuables, like a solid, fire station locker,” said Jorgenson.  “That is why we wanted to donate this line of turnout gear lockers for them to also keep their expensive fire-fighting equipment safe and secure when they were not on duty, and allow them to respond from anywhere they happen to be, because their gear is located at the fire station.”

The Cedar Fort Command staff is headed by Chief Nyle Jacobsen. Jacobsen works full time as the maintenance manager of a large chain of apartments in the Salt Lake Area. Assistant Chief is Anthony Homen works full time with Gold Cross Ambulance.

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