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A Story About Warehouse Pallet Racking That Will Light Up Your Independence Day

“We’re a family owned and operated company. My father, David Collar, is the owner of Winco Fireworks.  He started the business when he was 16 and my siblings and I have grown up working in the company,” said Winco Regional Manager Lauren Collar.  “We have definitely received a business degree by experience throughout the course of my life.”


If you like fireworks then this story will certainly brighten your day.  Jorgenson Material Handling recently worked with Winco Fireworks helping provide solutions to a large job.  Just who is Winco?  Well for one thing they are the exclusive dealer in Black Cat Fireworks in all of North America—that is how large Winco is as a company.

 Winco logo

The Winco Fireworks Warehouse recently decided to pull up stakes and leave Evanston, Wyoming.  Choosing Ogden, Utah may not seem like such a big deal, however when you consider they also brought with them an impressive amount of fireworks and other things boys old and young enjoy setting off, well, you kind of get the idea that this is a big deal.

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