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St. Patrick’s Day: A Little Bit of History Behind All That Green


Shamrock” by Andy Doyle CC2.0

St. Paddy’s Day is just around the corner…do you have your green ready? Which got us thinking…why green? Why do you get pinched if you’re not wearing green? Just what exactly is the story behind all of this? Get ready for a history lesson! 🙂

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In The Locker Room – Jorgenson Industrial Companies Congratulates Utah Tight Endz

Jorgenson Industrial Companies is proud to announce that the women’s flag football team we sponsor took second place in the last summer tournament!  This win allows the Utah Tight Endz  a top finish in the Utah Tournament, and they are headed to the Western Regionals/Nationals in February!

UTE Group - SchoolLockers

Head Coach Dustin Jorgenson couldn’t be more proud of his team and looks forward to the upcoming championships in February 2015 in Las Vegas, NV.

“The tournament to see who goes to the championship which will be the two top teams from CA, AZ, UT, NV and I’ve heard that even GA will send teams, so it will be quite a large tournament and it will take place in February in Las Vegas, Nevada,” said Utah Tight Endz Assistant Coach Mike Dark.

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Funny Locker Infographic

Here at Jorgenson Industrial Companies we see a lot of uses for lockers.  Of course from a professional aspect, we sell tens of thousands of lockers to schools, recreation centers, gyms and places like that.  Of course we help out smaller businesses such as dance studios, fast food restaurants, theme parks and karate studios with smaller orders that could be anywhere from three lockers to a few dozen…

Our locker divisions (both new and used) see even more uses from mud rooms to tool storage and many many other DIY projects.

Well we got to thinking and decided to make an infographic showing what we think is stored in some of our lockers across the United States.  Of course this is just our opinion and not actual results of any structured study or survey!

Enjoy.  🙂


Jorgenson Industrial Companies Employees Hit The Racetrack

During this year’s Salt Lake County Corporate Games one of the most anticipated and attended events by the employees of Jorgenson Industrial Companies was without a doubt, the Go Kart competition…

Jorgenson Industrial Companies SLC Corporate Games
Yes.  This is actually a competition!  And as you can tell by Jorgenson Material Handling Project Manager Dave Arbon and Sales Rep Lino Velarde’s faces (Dave’s insulated in the necessary safety headgear) that it was going to be an exciting day on the track…

Jorgenson Industrial Companies 4
Jorgenson Industrial Companies 10
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The Best Lockers & Pallet Racking Warehouse Manager – Happy Birthday Chuy!

We just wanted to wish a very, very happy birthday to our and Jorgenson Material Handling Warehouse Manager Chuy Flores.


Today was his birthday and so his fine warehouse crew did a carne asada for him to help celebrate what he is calling ‘the tenth anniversary of my 30th birthday.’  🙂  So let me tell ya, his crew not only can assemble lockers in no time, they can cook up a birthday feast fit for a king!
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Lockers In The Garden

“It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn…”     –B. C. Forbes (Founder of Forbes magazine)

Garden Locker

Forbes was a very intelligent man and when it comes to spring (and your DIY activities) he is quite correct–springtime is high time to begin using an old, used locker in your next DIY garden project!

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Jorgenson Industrial Companies Cool Field Trip – Cool Idea To Feed Your Company

The other day our HR Assistant Andrea was invited to have lunch with a new company here in Salt Lake City. It truly was the ‘free meal’ you hear about, making the adage “there is no such thing as a free meal” slightly incorrect!


On the menu was pizza–but this wasn’t your average run-of-the-mill pizza; it was something a bit better…

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Be Mine – Happy Valentine’s Day Ideas From Jorgenson Industrial Companies

From 1 to 10 affectionately, and from here to eternity without in betweens…

It’s Valentine’s  Day on Friday.  So if you’ve run out of ideas, some of our staff at the, and Jorgenson Industrial Companies Division 10 reps have decided to share what was perhaps their best Valentine they ever received, as well as the best one they ever gave.


Here are some of their romantic and fun ideas…

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What A Sticky Note On A Locker Can Do…

How much is a packet of sticky notes?  If you go with the brand name and perhaps the market leader ( Post-it ) then for a 3″ x 3″ pack of 1,400 would run you…oh, about $16.50.


That averages out to be .84 cents per sheet–Yep.  A little less than a thin penny.  Not even one U.S. Cent.

So what can you do with a sheet?  Would you believe me if I told you that you could change a life?…

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