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How Lockers Can Change A Life

As many of you know, one of our divisions ( sells lockers.  If you’ve ever been there, we have a locker for each and every use possible–for gyms, rec centers, schools (of course) and even karate or dance studios.  It  may surprise some that our locker inventory even spans to having the largest supply and inventory of kids lockers here in the United States…

Locker - Purple Kids Locker 1

But the lockers we are going to talk about today  is not just any type of locker, it is a very special one that can literally change the life of someone who is in desperate circumstances…
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Bleachers – What You Need To Know

It was 1952.  Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Sonja Henie was set to perform figure skating in Baltimore, MD with her ice revue which included 125 performers.  The sold out show was set to begin at 8:30pm when suddenly the bleachers collapsed at 8:25 when witnesses described a cracking sound “like a freight train.”

1952 a

No one was killed, but 300 people were injured–30 of which were serious.

1952 b

Yes, today’s bleachers are more solid and built tougher than the temporary one on that evening in 1952, but if you are thinking about purchasing bleachers for your school or facility, here are some things you need to know…
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Be Mine – Happy Valentine’s Day Ideas From Jorgenson Industrial Companies

From 1 to 10 affectionately, and from here to eternity without in betweens…

It’s Valentine’s  Day on Friday.  So if you’ve run out of ideas, some of our staff at the, and Jorgenson Industrial Companies Division 10 reps have decided to share what was perhaps their best Valentine they ever received, as well as the best one they ever gave.


Here are some of their romantic and fun ideas…

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