From; Rivalry Speeches – LaVell Edwards & Ron McBride

This past week, the President/GM of our and Divisions had the opportunity to attend a business expo where rival head coaches from BYU (Lavell Edwards) and University of Utah (Ron McBride) came and spoke about their formulas and ideas for success.

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Now if you don’t live in Utah, you may not realize the full impact of this opportunity–BYU and the U of U are rival colleges and back in the mid 80s to early 90s, Coach Lavell Edwards and Coach Ron McBride were at the helms of these football teams as they annually participated in what many dubbed ‘The Holy War.’


Lavell spoke about his team and changing formations weekly.  If they (BYU) didn’t find success in one formation, they would change it until they found something that worked and then they stuck with it.  He also mentioned consistency is the key to enjoying success–just as any football team would on the field.


Being able to execute was also a point they both mentioned.  A team can have the best players, the best coaching and even when on the field they can have the best possible scenario for success, but if they are not able to execute a plan (play) then they will not be successful.

…being able to execute a plan in business is just as important.

They also spoke on how to be a team player and how football is a lot like life in many aspects.

Of course there was plenty of jabs at each other, which made Dustin Jorgenson recall the infamous ’34/31′ scores where BYU lost to the University of Utah in a series of close rivalry games when the score ended up 34 to 31 not once–but twice; once in 1993 and the next in 1994!

34 31

“It was clear these two still have an entertaining rivalry with each other,” said President/GM of Dustin Jorgenson.  “I enjoyed the times I spent and learned quite a bit from these two coaches.”

…and as Dustin Jorgenson was leaving, one could hear him yell; “GO UTES!”

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