Jorgenson Material Handling Holding Open House to Show Off New Facility


Big things have been happening with Jorgenson Industrial Companies–we are continuing to expand and grow, and our Material Handling and Lockers Divisions recently relocated to a new facility. It’s time to celebrate!




Please join us at an Open House honoring our new facility on Friday, Sept. 11, 2015 from 11:00 a.m. – 2:00 p.m. at 1239 South 700 West in Salt Lake City, Utah. RSVP here to be entered into a special drawing, but don’t worry if you forget—walk-ins are welcome, too!

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Jorgenson Expands to New Building



Jorgenson Industrial Companies is growing and expanding! We’ve recently completed a move of our Material Handling and Lockers Divisions to a new home:

Now located at 1239 South 700 West in Salt Lake City, Utah.


We now have enough space to combine our warehouse, sales and office staff in one convenient location to serve you better!


Jorgenson Material Handling Building


Drop by and check out our now larger selection of quality products to choose from: Lockers, Cabinets, Warehouse Equipment, Shelving, Mezzanines, Pallet Racks, Dock Equipment and more!



You can also learn about our material handling products and services online:

Questions? Give us a call at 801-493-0121.


You can see our other divisions and products on our corporate website:


With the growth we’ve experienced in both our Material Handling and Machine Tools Divisions, we procured the 700 West location in Salt Lake City and initially moved our Material Handling and Lockers operations and warehousing there.

Now, due to continued growth, it has been necessary to relocate our office, sales, and support staff of our Material Handling and Lockers Divisions to the 700 West location as well. We have added an additional 50,000 square feet in warehousing and office space to accommodate this, which has also allowed us to relocate our used lockers inventory from Tooele to the new location as well.

With the Machine Tools Division remaining at our corporate offices at 2895 South 300 West in Salt Lake City, we now have the ability to allow both divisions to continue to expand as needed.


Please update your records to show the new address for our Material Handling & Lockers Divisions:

1239 South 700 West, Salt Lake City, UT 84104



St. Patrick’s Day: A Little Bit of History Behind All That Green


Shamrock” by Andy Doyle CC2.0

St. Paddy’s Day is just around the corner…do you have your green ready? Which got us thinking…why green? Why do you get pinched if you’re not wearing green? Just what exactly is the story behind all of this? Get ready for a history lesson! 🙂

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Jorgenson Employees Notice Idea for Used Lockers In Homeless Shelter

The economy is getting better but that doesn’t mean everyone is out of the cold just yet.  Here is a story that we are proud of and hopefully it too will inspire you to make a difference in your community as well.

Used Lockers Pizza Donations - Jorgenson Companies

Mike Dark and Dustin Jorgenson show off the ginormous pizzas they donated to the Midvale Shelter and the 30 families that needed a boost when promised help didn’t come through.

…and here is how the story unfolded;

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How Lockers Can Change A Life

As many of you know, one of our divisions ( sells lockers.  If you’ve ever been there, we have a locker for each and every use possible–for gyms, rec centers, schools (of course) and even karate or dance studios.  It  may surprise some that our locker inventory even spans to having the largest supply and inventory of kids lockers here in the United States…

Locker - Purple Kids Locker 1

But the lockers we are going to talk about today  is not just any type of locker, it is a very special one that can literally change the life of someone who is in desperate circumstances…
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In The Locker Room – Jorgenson Industrial Companies Congratulates Utah Tight Endz

Jorgenson Industrial Companies is proud to announce that the women’s flag football team we sponsor took second place in the last summer tournament!  This win allows the Utah Tight Endz  a top finish in the Utah Tournament, and they are headed to the Western Regionals/Nationals in February!

UTE Group - SchoolLockers

Head Coach Dustin Jorgenson couldn’t be more proud of his team and looks forward to the upcoming championships in February 2015 in Las Vegas, NV.

“The tournament to see who goes to the championship which will be the two top teams from CA, AZ, UT, NV and I’ve heard that even GA will send teams, so it will be quite a large tournament and it will take place in February in Las Vegas, Nevada,” said Utah Tight Endz Assistant Coach Mike Dark.

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Funny Locker Infographic

Here at Jorgenson Industrial Companies we see a lot of uses for lockers.  Of course from a professional aspect, we sell tens of thousands of lockers to schools, recreation centers, gyms and places like that.  Of course we help out smaller businesses such as dance studios, fast food restaurants, theme parks and karate studios with smaller orders that could be anywhere from three lockers to a few dozen…

Our locker divisions (both new and used) see even more uses from mud rooms to tool storage and many many other DIY projects.

Well we got to thinking and decided to make an infographic showing what we think is stored in some of our lockers across the United States.  Of course this is just our opinion and not actual results of any structured study or survey!

Enjoy.  🙂


Jorgenson Industrial Companies Employees Hit The Racetrack

During this year’s Salt Lake County Corporate Games one of the most anticipated and attended events by the employees of Jorgenson Industrial Companies was without a doubt, the Go Kart competition…

Jorgenson Industrial Companies SLC Corporate Games
Yes.  This is actually a competition!  And as you can tell by Jorgenson Material Handling Project Manager Dave Arbon and Sales Rep Lino Velarde’s faces (Dave’s insulated in the necessary safety headgear) that it was going to be an exciting day on the track…

Jorgenson Industrial Companies 4
Jorgenson Industrial Companies 10
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Jorgenson Industrial Companies Compete In The Salt Lake County Corporate Games

It’s no secret that the employees and owners of Jorgenson Industrial Companies are a bit competitive.  After all, when it comes to our easily recognizable ‘arm logo’ and the fact we pride ourselves in being ‘strong on customer service’ we like to be competitive–competitive in price, competitive in quality and above all else, competitive when it comes to any way that ensures our valued clients feel good about their purchases.

Jorgenson Material Handling

It’s why we have achieved success with any of our divisions such as,,, Jorgenson Material Handling and either Jorgenson Machine Tools or JMT/USA–we enjoy that competition, and we’re always willing to compete for your valued business…
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Jorgenson Industrial Companies Summer Pool Party

Hey everyone, just a reminder that the BIG Jorgenson Industrial Companies Summer Pool Party is going to take place on July 19th!

Jorgenson Industrial Companies PP 1

Here are the basics:

WHEN:    Saturday, July 19th
TIME:      6-9pm
WHERE:  Holladay Lions Recreation Center
1661 East Murray-Holladay Road (4800 S)
Holladay UT 84117
LOCATION PHONE: 385 468-1700
WHO:      All Jorgenson Industrial Companies employees and their families

Just a reminder to sign up now for the pool party  as we need to get a count for food and pool toys!

The sign-up sheet is next to the drinking fountain downstairs or you can email me whether you will/will not be attending.

Jorgenson Industrial Companies PP 2

We will be having KFC (with mac and cheese for the kids), cake and a chocolate fountain.

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!  🙂

The Best Lockers & Pallet Racking Warehouse Manager – Happy Birthday Chuy!

We just wanted to wish a very, very happy birthday to our and Jorgenson Material Handling Warehouse Manager Chuy Flores.


Today was his birthday and so his fine warehouse crew did a carne asada for him to help celebrate what he is calling ‘the tenth anniversary of my 30th birthday.’  🙂  So let me tell ya, his crew not only can assemble lockers in no time, they can cook up a birthday feast fit for a king!
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Bleachers – What You Need To Know

It was 1952.  Three-time Olympic Gold Medalist Sonja Henie was set to perform figure skating in Baltimore, MD with her ice revue which included 125 performers.  The sold out show was set to begin at 8:30pm when suddenly the bleachers collapsed at 8:25 when witnesses described a cracking sound “like a freight train.”

1952 a

No one was killed, but 300 people were injured–30 of which were serious.

1952 b

Yes, today’s bleachers are more solid and built tougher than the temporary one on that evening in 1952, but if you are thinking about purchasing bleachers for your school or facility, here are some things you need to know…
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Lockers In The Garden

“It is only the farmer who faithfully plants seeds in the Spring, who reaps a harvest in the Autumn…”     –B. C. Forbes (Founder of Forbes magazine)

Garden Locker

Forbes was a very intelligent man and when it comes to spring (and your DIY activities) he is quite correct–springtime is high time to begin using an old, used locker in your next DIY garden project!

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Jorgenson Industrial Companies Cool Field Trip – Cool Idea To Feed Your Company

The other day our HR Assistant Andrea was invited to have lunch with a new company here in Salt Lake City. It truly was the ‘free meal’ you hear about, making the adage “there is no such thing as a free meal” slightly incorrect!


On the menu was pizza–but this wasn’t your average run-of-the-mill pizza; it was something a bit better…

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Be Mine – Happy Valentine’s Day Ideas From Jorgenson Industrial Companies

From 1 to 10 affectionately, and from here to eternity without in betweens…

It’s Valentine’s  Day on Friday.  So if you’ve run out of ideas, some of our staff at the, and Jorgenson Industrial Companies Division 10 reps have decided to share what was perhaps their best Valentine they ever received, as well as the best one they ever gave.


Here are some of their romantic and fun ideas…

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What A Sticky Note On A Locker Can Do…

How much is a packet of sticky notes?  If you go with the brand name and perhaps the market leader ( Post-it ) then for a 3″ x 3″ pack of 1,400 would run you…oh, about $16.50.


That averages out to be .84 cents per sheet–Yep.  A little less than a thin penny.  Not even one U.S. Cent.

So what can you do with a sheet?  Would you believe me if I told you that you could change a life?…

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Stealing Radioactive Stuff Before It Arrives At The Material Handling Site – Not So Smart

Okay, so by now everyone has heard about the truck loaded with highly radioactive material that was stolen earlier this week in Mexico.    If you are new to this story, here are the basics; a missing shipment of radioactive Cobalt-60 was found Wednesday near where the stolen truck transporting the material was abandoned in central Mexico.


Yep.  While the truck was sitting at a gas station, someone jacked it and then went to a secluded place where they opened up the back and found that the contents were just a bunch of pellets…

Um right.  Those “useless pellets” just so happened to be Cobalt-60, and very dangerous and highly radioactive substance which was heading for a nuclear waste facility.  Scientists agree that the culprit of this crime has only a few days to live if he doesn’t get to a hospital quickly.

You can CLICK HERE for the story.

So what does this have to do with our industry of lockers, shelving and material handling?

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Jorgenson Industrial Companies Shows Off At FabTech

For the past two days, North America’s largest metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing event has been currently going on at the North and South Halls of McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois.  This is a HUGE deal for companies like our Jorgenson Machine Tools/JMT USA who supply manufacturers across the world with the big toys they need to make the cool stuff they do…

Just how big is this event?  The upcoming event is expected to cover more than 550,000 net square feet and anticipates over 35,000 attendees  and 1,500 exhibiting companies.


FabTech 1

FabTech provides a  convenient ‘one stop shop’ venue where you can meet with world-class suppliers,  see the latest industry products and developments, and find the tools to  improve productivity, increase profits and discover new solutions to all of your metal forming, fabricating, welding and finishing needs…

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Jorgenson Industrial Companies Golf-N-Talk Material Handling And Division 10 Stuff

Last week the Brigham Young University Construction Management Student Association held their first golf tournament at the East Bay Golf Course in Provo.  It should come as no surprise that we sent out our best ringers to not only play golf, but give students the opportunity to network and build relationships with those who are in various construction-related industries.  Of course with our line of material handling, pallet racking and locker divisions, we were a perfect fit!


“The student gets to play golf and get out of school,” joked Mike Dark, an estimator of Division 10 products for Jorgenson Industrial Companies.  “But we were happy to be there and support this event and we look forward to participating in the future.”

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The Jorgenson School Locker Division Escapes For A Fishing Excursion

Earlier this week, several members of Jorgenson Industrial Companies had the opportunity to leave the office a bit early and escape into the nearby Uinta Wilderness to decompress and not worry about locker sales for a few hours.

“It was great that our boss, Dustin Jorgenson, was willing to bring his ATVs in and take the time to haul us all of us up there for a great day of fishing,” said IT Guru Jason Pearce.  “It was very generous for him to take us.”


Not a bad haul, guys!

Five of the guys left the office and within a little over an hour they were at the trailhead unloading the ATVs—their mission?

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Dustin Jorgenson Presented Jersey From Jorgenson Industrial Company Softball Team

“I hope he likes it, just because it shows him that people who played on the team wish to thank him for everything he did by playing well, organizing everything, buying snacks every week for everyone and their kids and all the stuff he did out of the kindness of his heart,” said Jorgenson Material Handling Estimator Mike Dark.  “He is a real generous guy and we wanted to do something nice for him that will be around longer than a just thank you card.”


Today the Jorgenson Industrial Company Softball Team awarded Dustin Jorgenson with the second place prize–but only after they made some minor improvements to it.

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Nukon Fiber Laser Cutting Machine Sold By Jorgenson Machine Tools / JMT USA

On August 23, 2013, Utah-based and family owned/operated JMT USA unveiled a new machine to its long line of machine tooling products. A new fiber laser cutting machine manufactured in Turkey is being introduced to the Americas, and this is a machine that could potentially change the landscape of the current metal laser cutting scene, saving companies literally tens of thousands of dollars because of the time and labor it can save them in production.

JMT has teamed up with Nukon, a thirteen year old company from Turkey, to bring a fiber laser technology that is not only affordable, but has greater energy efficiencies than traditional CO2 lasers currently being used in the marketplace.

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Up, Up and Away! The Jorgensons Take To The Air Using A Flyboard–Flyboarding; The Coolest New Water Sport.

There is no doubt it’s something right out of a James Bond film.  There, suspended above the water’s surface on what appear to be small jet packs for your feet, people are propelled skyward underneath a steady and very strong stream of water.  Like porpoises, people fly in and shoot out of the water, attracting and astounding onlookers.  If you’ve never heard of it, you had better get familiar with it because odds are it is already being done at a lake or ocean near you!

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The Mini Cell Phone Locker Brand Honors Jorgenson Industrial Companies With Florence Manufacturing Award

Jorgenson Industrial Companies is proud to announce they are the recipient of the 2012 Dealer of Excellence Award from the Florence Manufacturing Company based in Manhattan, Kansas.

“We are honored and proud to put this award up on our wall because it means that Florence Manufacturing Company knows we take our motto of being ‘strong on customer service’ very seriously. And along with providing our clients with that service, we can supply them with the quality Mini Storage Lockers that Florence Manufacturing builds,” said Jorgenson Industrial Company President Dustin Jorgenson. “By working together, the customer wins each and every time through this partnership.”


Jorgenson Industrial Company Web Manager Jason Pearce and President Dustin Jorgenson proudly display the 2012 Dealer of Excellence Award from Florence Manufacturing Company.

“The 2012 Dealer of Excellence Award is presented to Florence dealers who demonstrate exceptional performance in supporting Florence Manufacturing, its products and the customer base in the marketplace,” said Florence Manufacturing Company National Sales Manager Lori Ladouceur. “These dealers are typically subject matter experts who provide quality products and service for the betterment of our industry and our mutual success, even after the sale.”

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Ken Bartelli joins Jorgenson Machine Tool/JMT USA as the brand continues expansion.

Contact: Chance Cook
Jorgenson Industrial Companies
(801) 214-7340

Salt Lake City, UT – Jorgenson Industrial Companies is proud to announce that respected veteran of the machine tool industry, and former Executive Vice President of Amada America, Ken Bartelli has joined the family-owned Jorgenson Machine Tools/JMT USA based in Salt Lake City, Utah as a national sales manager. Bartelli brings with him a wealth of experience in this industry having been a Midwest and Northeast Division Sales Manager for one of the largest machine tool manufacturers in the world; Amada America.

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One Stop Shopping For Warehouse Shelving And Lockers At The Utah Supplier Development Council Vendor Fair

Where’s Lance?  If you have been reading our Facebook posts, you have arrived here looking for our very own Lance Jorgenson who is the project manager for cool and large projects like the huge warehouse shelving projects we did for the new Winco Fireworks new facility in Ogden, UT, the really impressive Peterbilt facility along State Highway 201 in Salt Lake City, UT and Komatsu’s new service facility in Rock Springs, WY and the one currently underway in Elko, NV.


Well, last month he was representing the Jorgenson Material Handling Division at the Utah Supplier Development Council Vendor Fair where he interacted and offered solutions to big player organizations like ATK, Hill Air Force Base, the Utah government, University of Utah, Salt Lake County government, Canyon School District, The LDS Church and Utah State University just to name a few…

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Jorgenson Industrial Companies Put A Win On Their Shelves!

Someone once wisely said that; “the only thing better than winning, is being able to rise from certain defeat in order to achieve that win.”


In a game such as softball, it is all about who has the determination and grit to go the distance and not surrender—even though the chips may be down and the score seems too overwhelming to catch up, let alone rise above…

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A Story About Warehouse Pallet Racking That Will Light Up Your Independence Day

“We’re a family owned and operated company. My father, David Collar, is the owner of Winco Fireworks.  He started the business when he was 16 and my siblings and I have grown up working in the company,” said Winco Regional Manager Lauren Collar.  “We have definitely received a business degree by experience throughout the course of my life.”


If you like fireworks then this story will certainly brighten your day.  Jorgenson Material Handling recently worked with Winco Fireworks helping provide solutions to a large job.  Just who is Winco?  Well for one thing they are the exclusive dealer in Black Cat Fireworks in all of North America—that is how large Winco is as a company.

 Winco logo

The Winco Fireworks Warehouse recently decided to pull up stakes and leave Evanston, Wyoming.  Choosing Ogden, Utah may not seem like such a big deal, however when you consider they also brought with them an impressive amount of fireworks and other things boys old and young enjoy setting off, well, you kind of get the idea that this is a big deal.

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When Thinking Lockers For A Truck Shop; Go Big Or Go Home…Or At Least To Us, And Big-D.

If you didn’t notice, this year we had a bit of an issue with a hill on the west end of the Salt Lake Valley.  Understandably we can also see why it was hard to miss, because on April 10, 2013, only 165 MILLION TONS of earth sloughed off the mountainside, cascading  nearly a mile down the slopes to the bottom of the pit, partially burying one of the largest open-pit copper mines here on EARTH!


First, we are happy to let you know that no one was injured–not one. That is because Kennecott was monitoring the land as it shifted and kept their people out harm’s way.  They are pretty good at that kind of safety thing, ya know–? Especially when the trucks they use just happen to drive are the size of two-story buildings. (Imagine putting a steering wheel in your upstairs bedroom and driving your house around, and you’ve kind of got the idea)

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Jorgenson Industrial Companies Proves Trying to sneak a pitch past Hank Aaron is like trying to sneak the sunrise past a rooster.”

Jorgenson Industrial Companies Softball League

If you’re into softball or baseball and have a free Wednesday night, we invite you out to the ballgame. (Peanuts and Cracker Jack are entirely optional however.)

“This is something we did a few years back through 2008 and it was a fun experience and has been something that I wanted to get started again, and this will become a tradition we will likely fall into,” said Jorgenson Industrial Company Owner and General Manager Dustin Jorgenson. “I grew up playing on a baseball team as a kid in Little League and made some great friends.”

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CEDAR FORT VOLUNTEER FIRE DEPARTMENT RECEIVES LOCKER DONATION helps secure and organize firefighter’s gear for upcoming fire season.


Contact: Kira Burgess

Cedar Fort Volunteer Fire Department PIO

(801) 903-9082


Contact: Chance Cook

Jorgenson Industrial Companies

(801) 214-7340




Salt Lake City, UT; May 1, 2013 –, a division of Jorgenson Industrial Companies, recently donated a rugged set of red lockers to the Cedar Fort Volunteer Fire Department.  These lockers will assist the brave firefighters in keeping their equipment and gear secure, organized and ready for action during the coming fire season.

“I understand that the Cedar Fort Volunteer Fire Department operates on a minimal budget of $19,500 dollars,” said Jorgenson Industrial Companies Owner and General Manger Dustin Jorgenson. “We are proud to donate this line of fire station lockers in order for them to use their limited budget resources on other things such as fuel, equipment and repairs.”

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Scranton Products’ Duralife Lockers Selected As 2013 Money-Saving Product By BUILDINGS Magazine

If you’re worried about corrosion, and you operate in a pool-side environment, or even if your school is looking for the best in rust resistant lockers, look no further. According to a recent press release found on The Wall Street Journal, Duralife lockers were selected as BUILDINGS Magazine’s money-saving product for 2013.

BUILDINGS Magazine cover
Citing such factors as utility bill savings, employee productivity, time, maintenance needs and overall lifecycle; Scranton Products, who makes the Duralife line of HDPE lockers, was able to demonstrate that these plastic lockers returns that total cost investment in just “two years” based upon savings. That means if you are an organization seeking solid, plastic lockers for use in high moisture and corrosive environments or exposure to harsh chemicals, and you want them not to rust or corrode, then you may want to check Duralife’s line out if you plan on being around for a while.

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Jorgenson Industrial Companies Shares How Foot Locker Honors High School Player with Scholarship

Here at Jorgenson Companies we know a thing or two about high school–especially since we are one of the largest distributors of any type of lockers in North America. So suffice it to state we keep our eyes out for good stories involving athletes and we certainly found one today.

The Foot Locker company also knows a thing or two about athletics, and today we heard about Foot Locker’s generous award to Florida’s Southeast High School senior quarterback Myles Braxton-Johnson.

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Locker Rooms Get a Stylish Update as Winter Sports Evolve…

When the Club Intrawest Whistler ski resort was opened in 1994, it was the first of eight Club Intrawest locations to be built in Canada, the United States and Mexico. Members came from near and far to enjoy some great skiing in the white powder and to soak in the gorgeous scenery year-round. The club boasts studio, 1-, 2-, and 3-bedroom vacation homes, year round heated pools and hot tubs (yes, that’s plural!), and even has its own game room and movie theater. Sounds heavenly, doesn’t it?

Club Intrawest Whistler, Whistler BC

Club Intrawest Whistler, Whistler BC

Each year, club membership continued to grow and in 2007 the 129 vacation homes were renovated and updated. The homes are warm, wood-trimmed and cabin-cozy, making for a wonderful escape from everyday life. (I’m not a huge fan of the snow, yet imagining this stunning location has me longing to vacation here! But I digress…)

Today membership for Club Intrawest has reached well over a staggering 21,000 members and many of those members are now trading in their skis for snowboards. Director of Resort Facilities Management, Chris Blaney, proposed a complete revamp of the resorts locker rooms to better accommodate the changing equipment.  

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Playhouses And Mini Kids Lockers Just Got More Luxurious And Fun!

“Sometimes I wish I could go back to the days when I was six and my biggest problem was what kind of dress to put on Barbie or whether or not I had enough Legos to build a fort” –Unknown

You remember being a kid, right? The minute dawn breaks, it’s off to the backyard where the playhouse or tree house was awaiting your new adventures. Nothing was better.

It is almost as if building forts and tree houses, or playing in a pre-fabricated playhouse was an unspoken rite of passage through anyone’s youth.

Why? We’re not sure, but for some reason kids have an overwhelming urge to begin stretching their wings and restlessly look to leaving the nest by building forts they can call their own. Admittedly they never seem to get further than the confines of the backyard, or nearby empty field where forts, tree houses and playhouses are built in abundance.

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Jorgenson Industrial Companies Owner Dustin Jorgenson Leads Team to Championship

photo (25)

Dustin Jorgenson, owner of Jorgenson Companies, has always enjoyed the thrill of competition. “The more intense the better!” he shares. Whether he’s at the office during the day or on the court at night, Dustin carries that attitude with him to reach his goals. And it’s that attitude that helped lead our Jorgenson Companies sponsored volleyball team to their first-place finish in the local winter coed volleyball recreation league.

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