The Best Lockers & Pallet Racking Warehouse Manager – Happy Birthday Chuy!

We just wanted to wish a very, very happy birthday to our and Jorgenson Material Handling Warehouse Manager Chuy Flores.


Today was his birthday and so his fine warehouse crew did a carne asada for him to help celebrate what he is calling ‘the tenth anniversary of my 30th birthday.’  🙂  So let me tell ya, his crew not only can assemble lockers in no time, they can cook up a birthday feast fit for a king!

Chuy began with Jorgenson Industrial Companies 13 years ago and because of his excellent work ethic, people skills and organizational ability, he was quickly promoted to warehouse manager here in our main facility in Salt Lake City, UT.


As you can tell it was a cookout that featured the very best in Latino carne asada, complete with roasted chilies and just about everything else.  To say it was delicious was an understatement.

IMG_1676 wouldn’t run as efficiently without the hard work and keen eye to detail that Chuy has.  Everyone on the warehouse crew works very hard under his direction to ensure the gym lockers, sports locker and school lockers we sell are assembled to the tight tolerances you expect, and they get out the door to your facility as quickly as possible.


Not only does Chuy manage the main warehouse, but he also manages the main warehouse for Jorgenson Material Handling, as well as all of the warehouse.  (they specialize in selling/buying pallet racking, boltless shelving, racking and other warehouse handling materials)


As you can see, Lance Jorgenson and Dustin Jorgenson and the warehouse crew got to spend an hour together wishing Chuy the very best of birthdays.  Why even Dustin Jorgenson had the opportunity to sit down with the newest member of the Jorgenson family for some ‘serious’ conversation.  🙂


Chuy, we want to thank you for all you do and all the years of great service you have provided to Jorgenson Industrial Companies over the years.  Without you and your attention to detail and leadership skills, things would not have grown so quickly.  Thank you and the rest of the great warehouse crews for inviting us over to take part in the carne asada you guys prepared–it was a work of culinary art and delicioso!